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                Emily smith

    Pollinators are disappearing and the are starting to die,you might not know this but they are really helpful for a lot of reasons.One reason is the they help us pollinate ⅓ of our food crops.

                Now people are finding the reasons why the are dying and the reasons for that is because people will find                     nest of bees and they get scared that the are going to come out and stung them.They don't want to sting you because when they sting you they just die and the just want to go to the flowers and get nectar and the pollen from the flowers.People think the are going to harm you.They don't they actually do a lot to help us.Here are some of the things they help us do,They help us from most of our fruits and veggies.They help us make honey.

            Now they are dying way more.Walmart and all the stores like those are selling and are spraying pesticides down to kill bees.What they don't know is we need those in life if we did not have them in life we would not be able to eat fruits and healthy food and we would have to eat junk food like chips,popcorn,candy and more unheathy food.They are also dying off because of a big issue which is habitat loss.What people are starting to do is that the are making habitats for all the animals that help us pollinate.If they were all gone then we would half to hand pollinate our own food and the that would take more time until the end up going into the stores.

                 Next here are a few reasons why the are important to our world.Here are some reasons why they are important is because we would have to self pollinate if we did not have them we would have to self pollinate.Here is another reason why the are helpful,when the gather a bunch of pollen they will get it in their body and then they will bring it to another flower which when the do that they are doing a lot to help people.They are really important.They might also go instinked ,There are over 20,000. species of bees and if they all die then that will not be good at all.

If we lost all of our pollinators the biggest consequence would be that we are going to self pollinate which will be hard.Another one is that if we lost all of the bees then all of the flowers would have a lot of nectar and pollen building up in it and it will never come out because that is the bee’s  job.If we went to the store and there was no food because there were no bees or anything that could pollinate.Then it would take like a month or so to get all of our food self pollinated and into the stores.

In conclusion we need to stop spraying and killing our pollinators.Those we some reasons why we need to stop hurting them and also what our consequences.Have you been doing what you should be doing.We don't want them to die so don't harm our bees and all of our Pollinators. Remember they don't want to hurt you they just try to get to flowers and live their lives like us humans.Are you harming animals think about it.

Jon's writing


     We should care for the environment by keeping beaches clean and picking up plastic bags so animals don't get caught in them if you see cans or plastic bags you should pick them up and throw them away. An example from the text is if you see an animal caught in a plastic bag help it and bring it to a vet or back to the animal's habitat so it can be safe and rest for a while until it's back to full health.

      An example from the text is if you see a computer on the ground all alone pick it up and dispose of it properly so there is no e waste there. Keep cans and bottles in recycling bins and make sure you take care of paper so it doesn't end up on the streets so an animal doesn't eat it or get killed by it there because of that one person that threw the paper outside instead of in a trash can or recycling bin.

      Plastic bags are being dumped on the ground every year by people not thinking correctly. Every year 4 million plastic bags are dumped on the beach or on the street by people who are too lazy to get up and recycle them or throw them in the trash so they don't end up in the streets or in the water if people don't throw away trash properly animals will pay for and so they don't kill animals like whales turtles or even bird that are on the beach. In one day kids found eleven pounds of plastic bags on the beach.

    People are the reason that  animals are dying because they are eating and choking on plastic bags people leave on the beach plastic bags that get in the ocean cause animals to die every day by eating them or getting suffocated by them. An example from the text is whales turtles and birds are dying by humans being lazy and just leaving plastic bags on the ground instead of being recycled or put in the trash.

      These are the things we are doing to affect our environment and the humans and animals that live here. This is also how we can fix it and help every person and animal that is here so that they don't die and we don't die so we can keep living on this planet earth and have it clean and healthy. Which means we can be clean and healthy as well.

                                                                                     Source (Santa monica)
                                                                                    Written by Jonathan Daigle

Zachary's Pollinator Essay

    By:Zachary Hansen

            Pollinators are dying because of the use of pesticides. We need to fix this by convincing retailers and big cooperated stores to stop spraying pesticides all over the flowers. Then the bees will fly to those stores and try to get the pollen but then once the pesticides are in them it will start to affect their body then once it is fully in them they will not remember where and how to get back to the hive. So we need to stop spraying bad chemicals and pesticides on all of our plants and flowers that stores have. Such as Home Depot, Lowes and Walmart and need to start using organic fertilizers and substances.

          Pollinators are dying because of the use of pesticides. When the bees take in the pesticide called neonicotoid it makes the bees hard to fly and find their way back to the hive. Evidence includes, “We know how to live In harmony with the ecosystem through the adoption of sustainable practices that simply do not allow toxic pesticide use.,” So this shows that we need to be activist and save the bees.

          The importance of pollinators includes the fact that they can save a lot of time and money for humans.,”20,000 species of pollinators are key to hundreds of billions of dollars.,” So if we lost pollinators we would be in a deep hole because we would have way less food in stock prices will run up and the food chain just wouldn't make sence. Evidence shows, “Because our survival depends on healthy pollinators, we must do everything in our power to solve this problem.,” This shows that we really need to put in some brain power and hard work to fix this problem. Because if we don't fix it we will have not as much food and prices will go up and more people will be poor with not as much food.

          If we lost pollinators ⅓ of our food population would be gone and if we lost pollinators it would be humans fault because of the use of pesticides that we spray. Crops would be way down because the pollination would not be going around as much. If we lost pollinators. Evidence shows, “Hundreds of years now we have been working together with bees so let’s just do the bees a favor and stop using pesticides on all crops and wildflowers. So this shows that we can save the pollinators and work together and make a difference in the world and to help save the pollinators.

         The soulution to fix this problem is going to be. If you are in a city and have no room on the ground to plant wildflowers so be it plant them on your roof. Do urban beekeeping. This is when you plant flowers on your roof and they pollinate those then they would pollinate everybody’s crops and then they would pollinate all the other crops that we have. So urban beekeeping is one option to save pollinators. Another option is to stop spraying weed killer on your front yard did you know that chemicals just don’t kill weeds it kills all of the wild flowers to. So stop using pesticides and start using organic fertilizers and substainces. Evidence shows, “Urban beekeeping is an option for saving the bees on rooftops in cities. So this shows that there are many ways that everybody can help save the pollinators.

      Students are being activist at MMS by planting wild flowers and milk weed beds for the Monarch Butterflies and the Honey Bees. we are also spraying organic fertilizers on our flowers and crops to. This shows that we are being productive at being activist at MMS. Because we saw an issue and there has been a steep decline in honey bee population over many years. So this is why here at MMS we are being activist to fix the pollinator problem.



                        Pollinator Die Off
                                                          By.Daniel Belanger

       Bees are important because they pollinate plants and crops but they are dying off. If all the bees die off we will have to pollinate by hand.

       Bees are dying, this is because of pesticides. The chemicals in pesticides make the bees die or not able to find there way home. Evidence of this is “every polling that bees grab has at least 6 pesticides.” This is important because when the bee brings it back to the hive then all the bees get sick and die. This is because the pesticides are meant to kill things that eats them so when bees take the pollen they take the pesticides are in the polling. So next time you want to use pesticides on your plants think of the bees, use organic pesticides.

      The bees pollinate to get food for themselves, but they don't know that they are also pollinating at the same time. They shake their wings which shakes the pollen off of them from underneath their  bodies  and lands on other flower and plants they land on. Some evidence of this is “bumble bees shake their wings and knocks off the pollen off the flower.” This is important because if they did not do we would most likely to have less plants. So we would have to pollinate by hand so we can have food, and it would be a lot harder and longer to do.

     We would have less food if the bees die off. We would have to pollinate by hand it will take longer and it would cost more. It would cost more because the companies who sell fruits or vegetables would have to hire more people to pollinate by hands. If they don’t hire more people to pollinate by hand we would have a lot less food. See it is a loss, loss because we would have less food, and companies will have to pay more money.

    These are the reasons why pollinators are important they pollinate plants, and if there were no bees there would be less food. Bees are dying or not able to find there way home. If bees die we would have to pollinate by hand. They pollinate plants and crops that helps them grow so we can eat. To stop this we need to warn companies who use Monsanto products. At Massabesic Middle School we are planting milkweed to increase the population of bees. The other thing we are doing at Massabesic is writing letters to companies that use Monsanto products.


Mia's Pollinator Writting

Pollinators by: Mia Libby

All of these pollinators are dying because of the use of pesticides, not enough flowers are planted, lastly colony collapse disorder. We are all capable of helping these little creatures, for them to help us.

Pollinators are dying because of the use of pesticides. People use pesticides to kill off any pests or disease carriers, such as spiders, mosquitoes, ticks, rats and mice. “People have used varieties of pesticides on their crops”(newsela.com) This is important to us because we need our food, to keep us safe and alive.

   The importance of pollinators is they help pollinate our crops (fruits, vegetables). The pollinators do this by going flower to flower collecting pollen. “Pollinators create ⅓ of our food source”(tedtalk)

   The consequence of losing our pollinators is we would have to pollinate by hand. This affects our environment because the crops wouldn't grow; we wouldn't have as much food. “People in China have to pollinate their flowers/crops by hand, toothbrush, or paintbrush(Ted Talk).

   People are helping pollinators by planting flowers that the bees like and not using pesticides. Alternatives to Pesticides?- Colony Collapse Disorder- “is the phenomenon that occurs when the majority of worker bees in a colony disappear and leave behind a queen.” “When people use/spray pesticides, that causes CCD- Colony Collapse Disorder.”(en.m.wikipedia.org)

   At MMS we can plant flowers to attract the bees/pollinators. We at MMS ARE planting more and more flowers. “Our school is doing the Samantha Smith Challenge. To bring the world the food they need that comes from pollinators.”

   In conclusion, pollinators are dying because of the use of pesticides, not enough flowers for the bees, and Colony Collapse Disorder. To fix this problem we can not use pesticides on our plants, and we can plant more flowers around town. At MMS we can help by planting flowers. We can help by not using pesticides. Lastly we can help by not killing the bees, all the bees want to do is protect their colony and the honey.

Tias pollinator writing


Pollinators are dieing because of CCD,pollinate by hand,pesticides. Colliny claps disorder is a big part of the killing of pollinators. Pollination is a big part of our food sources. Pollinators help pollinate ⅓ of our food source. If we did not have pollinators we would have to self pollinate.

Pollinators are dieing because of CCD also known as colliny claps disorder. Also “People are useing pesticides on plants.”(newsela.com). This is important because we can not lose pollinators so we have to stop using them.

People would have to pollinate by hand if pollinators die. Also “We would have to pollinate by hand”(mms May 4th 2016). So if pollinators die people would have to pollinate by hand with a toothbrush or paintbrush.

People are planting habits all over New York. In 2010 is when the government allowed us to start putting habitats in New York. Also “ we make habitats all over the roofs in New York” (Ted talks). This is important because we are making more habitats in the city.

In conclusion pollinators are dieing because of CCD,pollinate by hand,and pesticides. Making habitats on roofs in New York having pesticides on flowers we would have to self pollinate.

Gabe writing

          Pollinators are important because they help fertilize food humans eat, they naturally pollinate and help plants grow and also keeps food prices low. Pollinators are dying and why it's happening. How pollinators pollinate crops to allow them to grow. The consequences of losing the pollinators and how it will affect the environment. At the end the conclusion.

          Pollinators are dying because the use of pesticides for keeping bugs away but it is killing pollinators too. But that is not the only reason they are dying they also are dying because of Colony collapse disorder (CCD) is the phenomenon that occurs when the majority of worker bees in a colony disappear and leave behind a queen, plenty of food and a few nurse bees to care for the remaining immature bees and the queen. Also, pollinators are dying because when farmers grow crops they grow just one crop but the bees need more wildflower so then they don't get enough pollen.

          Pollinators are VERY important because they go to plant-to-plant collecting pollen from one flower to put it into other plant so they can grow properly. This means pollinators are doing us people tremendous favor. So now food companies that use pesticides should either throw them away or make a greenhouse where there would be no pests or grubs. But if companies like Monsanto don't stop doing this they will end up killing all pollinators and having to start going around their field with cue tips and pollin and do it themselves. But not only Monsanto would have to do this it would be the entire world! (Just because of Monsanto)

          Many issues will happen with the environment if pollinators go extinct. First of all the food price would skyrocket because farmers would have to hire people to put pollin into their crops so then it would make the food harder to grow which=more money. Millions of flowers wouldn't grow worldwide because the lack of pollen in the flowers. But most of all the food won't taste good this will happen because many companies such as Monsanto won't bother to pollinate the crops so then they would taste bad. This is the effect on the environment without pollinators.

          In conclusion, all pollinators are important because they help us humans live better because they pollinate ⅓ of the food we eat. Without pollinators we would have to pollinate plant's ourselves which could cause food price increase. When they pollinate they help millions of wildflower so worldwide. This is why pollinators are very important.




                                  By: Ryleigh Baker

        Pollinators are disappearing for many reasons. One is that the pollinators homes are being destroyed by construction,pollution,and agriculture pollinators are dying. This is happening because in the areas where the pollinators live are being destroyed by human construction,pollution,and agriculture. “ The areas where bees live are being destroyed by humans through construction,agriculture,and pollution” said the Washington Post of 2015. This is important because if the bees homes are destroyed the we will not have the bees. If we do not have the bees we will not have wild flowers and most of our food supply.

        Pollinators are important. They are important because they are what make most of our fruits and vegetables. “ Bumblebees are what pollinate tomatoes, cranberries ,and blueberries” said Laura Klahre on Ted Talks in 2016. This quote is important because is the bees disappear then we will lose the food that give us nutrients and energy. Also, the squash bee makes a lot of our vegetables.

        If the pollinators go extinct then we will lose most of our food supply and those pretty wild flowers a lot of people love. “ Wild flowers are disappearing” said the Associated Press in 2016. This is important because without the wild flowers bees and other pollinators won't have food and we won't have much of our food.“Without bees we will have less than half of the food” said Maria Spivak on Ted Talks in 2013. This is important because if we lose the bees we will lose most of our food supply and not have most of the foods that a lot of people like.

      Some people are trying to help address the issue of the honey bees going extinct.For example, the Obama administration announced the first National Strategy to Promote the Health of Honeybees and other Pollinators. “ May 19, the Obama administration announced the first National Strategy to Promote the Health of Honeybees and other Pollinators” said the Washington Post in 2015. This is important because if the president is trying to help then the issue might be more noticed and people might start helping get the be population up.
      People around the world can help address this issue. For example, planting bee-friendly flowers and avoiding pesticide contaminates will help bring the bee population up. “ Plant bee-friendly flowers and avoid pesticide contaminates” said Maria Spivak on Ted Talks in 2013. This is important because if we plant bee-friendly flowers and avoid pesticide contaminates then the bee population will go up.
      In conclusion pollinators are disappearing for many reasons. Pollinators are dying. Pollinators are really important. There is a lot of consequences if we lose the pollinators. People around the world are trying to help address this issue. At MMS we are planting milkweed to help get the monarch butterflies population up.

Alex's writing

                 Informational writing    
               By: Alexander Sharron
   A bee is a wonderful animal because they pollinate all flowering plants. This is important because if bees didn’t pollinate flowers then humans lose the ability to harvest the food that the plants would provide. Pollinators are important to farmers and people who grow the food because if pollinators don’t assist the, then the farmers will not be able to collect fruits or vegetables from their gardens. We harvest pollinated plants for their fruit and of other nutrients that they could provide. The food taken from the plants and that is what makes up ⅓ of the world's food supply.
The first example of why pollinators are dying is because of pesticides that people are spraying on crops and flowers. One example includes, “More than 75 million lbs of herbicides are used on U.S. farms each year.” (PAN). When the bees go to pollinate the flower or crop they accidently pick up the pesticides on their feet and head when they land to collect the nectar from flowers that are exposed to herbicides. Over time this exposure kills them. If that infected bee returns to the colony,  it can also kill of an entire colony of bees. This is because the infected bee drops the infected pollen and nectar off at the hive and when other bees are exposed, they also become infected.
         Another example of why pollinators are important is they go from flower to flower pollinating them and collecting nectar. When they do the flower drops fruit with seeds in it which makes other flowers grow. One example is,“Fully ⅓ of the food we eat depends on bees for pollination.” (PAN). When the bees go to collect the nectar they pick up pollen and bring it to the next flower. The pollen falls off into the flower, makes a seed then a fruit.
        If the bees population dies out than ⅓ of ALL our food will disappear from all grocery stores worldwide. One example is, “To save Earth's food supply, we need to first save Pollinators.” (Newsela staff). People need health food but if Pollinators die out then there will be no health food for us. Then the health problems happen,then we eventually die from them.we need bees for healthy food.
    To help solve this problem people are starting to help bees by protecting land for bees to thrive and survive. An example is, “ The government will help protect 7 million acres of land across the country.”(Newsela staff). If we give the bees protected homes from pesticides then the bee population will most likely go up.
       At MMS we are planting flowers for butterflies and bees to pollinate. If we plant flowers for bees then they will probably pollinate our garden too. Then we both get what we want, the bee gets nectar without pesticides and we get food from the garden. The food we get will be healthy and fresh for us to eat.
       In conclusion, with the wonderful pollination of bees,we have flowers and food. Bees help us with food but they’re dying because of our pesticides. We need to help save the bees from dying. We can do this by planting flowers or leavening a dead tree in our yard. Farmers can use a less deadly pesticide on their crops so the bees can live.


Bees are dying because people are spraying pesticides and chemicals and people are also building buildings and the bees are losing their habitat. This essay is going to be about pollination and how bees help grow our food. Bees help grow up to ⅓ of our food by pollination and people are killing the bees.

      Pollinators are dying because of pesticides and chemicals my evedance for this is that people and companies are spraying pesticides on their crops and to kill bugs. My second reason is that China spraied pesticides on their crops to get rid of the verolla motes

      The importance of pollination is that it helps our food grow and that people don't have to do it by hand the second thing is that people want fully grown food and the final thing is that my evedance for this is that the person in the Ted talks video he said that people want pollonators more than they want to do it by hand.

      My conclusion is that people want to have pollonators to grow their food and that people want healthy food in their homes and people also want to not do it by hand. The second reason is that people want to help save the bee population and that the want to help with pollination

Ellie's pollinators

   Pollinators are very important to our world, pollinators pollinate ⅓ of our crops that people eat. If we didn't have pollinators the work might get done successfully but it would take time and effort. Pollinators don't only pollinate flowers and plants but they pollinate crops such as, cranberries, peaches, tomatoes, Cherries. There are more than 4,000 species of bees. Bees pollinate 75% of our crops. In some way bugs are very helpful. Only a few insect species are harmful there more bugs kill other bugs is less we will have to use pesticides. Also, as all these bugs munch away they produce little droppings and soon those droppings will be rich fertilizer.  (What good are bugs?, Gerry Shop and David Shelton)

    Pollinators are dying due to a variety of reasons. One is even pesticides, that you might be using on your plants.” Pesticides are one of the many anthropogenic insults threatening pollinators.” In other words, pesticides are one of the causes of pollinators dying and disappearing. Every year over 2,000 bees are dying. That is a lot of bees also known as pollinators. Not only bees are dying, in 2006 the first cave floors were found covered with dead bats in northeast. In other words, bats are also dying which are pollinators.

    Also, pollinators are very important. Pollinators make up ⅓ of our food system.”Pollinators pollinate tomatoes and other crops such as blueberries,cranberries and eggplant.” In other words, this is saying that pollinators pollinate a lot of fruits a vegetables. If pollinators didn't exist we wouldn't have fresh ripe tomatoes and much more. As you might know, pollinators don't only pollinate food,they also pollinate different plants and flowers.

Not only that but, people are helping address this Issue by building shrubs and bushes around their house. Not only that but people are also building beehives on the top of buildings. In New York to help repopulate the bees.”Leaves and shrubs, branches and flowers serve as substrates for butterfly eggs.” This will help all the pollinators because they love shrubs and leaves that's mostly where they construct their beehives.

   Then, We can speak out against pesticide use. People should try to be more careful of what we use on our weeds. All of these pesticides lead to a big consequences. Such as, birth defects,illnesses and even death. Monsanto is hurting our lives. They are not careful of what they use. In the article it says,”We're making flowers ends to attract more pollinators.” This means that we are making great big flat beds to attract all the bees. We are looking at different flowers to see what ones will the bees and other pollinators like best.
 There are consequences for losing pollinators. It includes self and hand pollinating. In the article it says,“The 20,000 or so species of pollinators are key to hundreds of billions of dollars worth of of crops each year.” So, this is saying self pollinating is not our only consequence. We are going to lose a substantial amount of money if we lose pollinators. Meaning, our crops are worth a lot but if we don't have pollinators to help us out then there will not be a great amount of crops to sell. Which will mean there will be a cut in money in our community.

     In conclusion, Pollinators are very important to our world, pollinators pollinate ⅓ of our crops that people eat. If we didn't have pollinators the work might get done successfully but it would take time and effort. Everybody should know how important pollinators are in our world. My concern is, pollinators such as bees are going to go extinct and it will change our whole environment.We could potentially lose money and crops. ⅓ of our crops live on the pollination of pollinators. That can't happen if pollinators are extinct. Massabesic Middle School is providing flat beds to attract pollinators. We are also putting on a zero waste program which helps us make our own composed right here on our campus. In other words, make sure we are all very wise about what we use. We can't stop using pesticides because we need them. We can all work together and find different ways to make our lives and crops healthier.


Michaela's Pollinating writing!


    There are many causes about pollinator populations decreasing. Lots of pollinators are dying because of pesticides on plants and that's not good for the pollinators . That is bad  because people are getting less food. With all the pollinators we had before the population went down people would grow there food and were getting ⅓ of food when they grew their food almost everyday. Now people are not even reaching that in 2 weeks and that's a problem. There are a lot of people helping too, what people can do out there is so simple even kids are doing it.
   First, Pollinators are dying because of pesticides getting put in plants. For example, they are dying because a bunch of local people are putting pesticides in their plants and selling the plants to customers and people are buying the plants not knowing about the pesticides in them. And after they buy it people put it out on their deck and yard for the pollinators like butterflies,bees,hummingbirds and bats to pollinate the flowers on the plants,however when the pollinators go into the flower to pollinate the pesticides that are on the plants and as soon as the pollinators starts collecting the pollen and the pesticides get into the pollinators system and it almost instantly kills them. “ Pesticides are one of the many anthropogenic insults threatening pollinators.” (April 25th 2016). So please start paying more attention to what plants you are buying and where you put them to grow.

  Next, Why are pollinators so important? Pollinators are pretty scary to some people especially bees but what people don't know is that they make up ⅓ of our food system. Between growing fruits and vegetables and pollinating our crops. Also, “ Pollinators pollinate tomatoes, and other crops such as blueberries,cranberries, and eggplant.” (Fish and wildlife habitat,May 2005). So pollinators are all there to help us not scare you. When honey bees bump into people like you don’t be scared because they don't want to sting you they want to give you food and pollinate your crops not people. And help keep the population up because no one wants to start pollinating their own crops.

   Also, another reason why pollinators are dying is because of habitat loss. But on the good side lots of people are helping with this even kids. People are making flat beds and planting flowers in the school yards and are not putting pesticides in the plants/crops. By putting flat beds out it gives them, “ Leaves and branches, shrubs and flowers and soil serve as sub straights for butterflies.” (Learn Edwards,July 24th 2014). So knowing that all of these things are out and getting planted without the use of pesticides so that we can not just have food but we can start seeing that the pollinators have a place to live.

  In conclusion, pollinators are disappearing because of habitat loss, and pesticides in plants. The importance of pollinators Is that they make up ⅓ of our food system. And there are a lot of people trying to help with the pollinators population. Some things that we will be doing at MMS is planting seeds to grow flowers and we will not be putting pesticides in our plants. Why we are not doing that is because our plan is try and help the pollinators not work against them!


Informational Writing Pollinators - Aidan D

   Pollinators are dying because farmers are spraying pesticides on their crops which can cause CCD (Colony Collapse Disorder) so the bees roam away from the hive. Pollinators are dying because of a variety of reasons. Major consequences can happen if the pollinator population keeps dropping we would lose ⅓ of the world’s food supply. The White House has gotten a hive of about 70,000 bees. At MMS we are planting milkweed for the Monarch butterflies since the Monarchs are endangered.

First,pollinators are dying because of a variety of reasons. One example is,“In 2006 the first cave floors were found covered with dead bats in the Northeast. (P.A.N)” This means that the bats in the caves that were found somehow got pesticides in their systems. If there hadn’t been pesticides,herbicides,etc. on the crops these bat may not have died.

 Second,the consequence of losing pollinators is that about ⅓ of the world's food would be gone. An example of this is,“More than ⅓ of the world’s food is pollinated. (Spivak,TED Talk)” This means that if we keep using pesticides the pollinators will either die or roam away from their home. The pesticides that are being used can harm the way pollinators,like bumblebees, act and think.

Next,one thing that has been done is that land will be protected for pollinators. One example is,“The government will help protect 7 million acres of land across the country. (P.A.N)” this means the government will protect 7 million acres of land across the United States. The White House has hives that can hold 70,000 bees all together.

Lastly,at MMS we are going to plant milkweed for the monarch butterflies so they have a place to get food on their way to the south. When the milkweed is planted it’ll get pollinated from the pollinators that can pollinated milkweed,since milkweed is toxic to some animals. If the Monarchs come to MMS on their way to Mexico,they’ll have food so they don’t starve on their way to the south.

In conclusion,if we let pollinators die from the farmers’ pesticides on their crops,more colonies will collapse for bees. Some pollinators’ immune systems can’t handle the toxins so they get weaker and weaker until they can’t do anything,like what happened to the bats in the Northeast. We’ll lose ⅓ of our food supply. The government will help protect 7 million acres of land for pollinators. Finally,MMS will plant milkweed to help the monarchs survive their trip south.

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Child labor

Child Labor

    Kids don’t go to school because they need to work, and they don’t get fed when they are hungry. Iqbal and Craig are examples of child actives against child slavery because they both speak out against this issue. Iqbal went thru it himself, but Craig read about it in the newspaper.

       Iqbal got sold to a carpet company when he was four by his father for twelve dollars. Evidence from the text is “A bounded worker who could never make enough money to buy his freedom. I got this on newint.org.” This information is important because he can’t do what he wants he has to be at his station.

        When Iqbal was shot he was 12, Craig was also 12 at that time when he heard about it and he started Free the Children. Evidence for this is “I was also 12 years old at that point and so basically I looked at the difference and similarities.”

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Girls Not Getting a Education By:Ryleigh Baker

        Girls Not Getting a Education
                                 By:Ryleigh Baker

       My topic is girls and women around the world need education and to have a voice. This is a problem because if women don't get the education they need they really can't have a life because they might not know how to do math to pay for their house or read to buy the things they need. Malala Yousafzai wants education for girls. Ana Waquatabu Liganisulu wants girls to speak for their village. Cheleste Dushime wants women to use opportunities that they have. Those are only a few teen activists who are fighting for girls and women's rights.
                  Malala Yousafzai is a teen activist who wants girls to get an education. One example is when Malala said“ The powerful nations are not those who have weapons,guns,and bombs. The powerful nations are those who have educated society and human morals, education for everyone and equal rights for both genders, male and female”.My quote supports the main idea  of my paragraph because Malala is saying education is more powerful than any weapon. Also, she is saying if the powerful nations educate society then they educate everyone.

           Next ,Ana Waquatabu Liganisulu is a teen activist who wants girls to be able to speak at her village meetings. One thing that Ana had said is “ In my community girls are seen as fragile and we do not have a say in village meetings. When we speak,we are growled at for speaking up, told to be a ‘girl’ and sit quietly and listen to our elders”. My evidence supports my main idea because Ana Waquatabu  Liganisulu wants girls in Fiji to be able to talk at their village meetings.

                     Cheleste Dushime is a teen activist who wants to give women opportunities that women have but don’t use. One example is when Cheleste said “There isn’t a lack of opportunities for women in Rwanda. There is a lack of Rwandan women to use these opportunities”.It is important to my main idea because it shows how there are opportunities for women, but the women in Rwanda don’t use those opportunities.
          Girls not getting an education is a big problem around the world . Malala wants girls to get an education so they can have a do more with their lives. Ana wants girls to be able to speak for the people in her village. Cheleste wants the women of Rwanda to use the opportunities that the government gives them.


Abandoned pets By: Alexi

                                                   Abandoned pets
My intro is about how animals get treated like dirt in some places they get thrown on the streets then they have to take care of themselves so they get left to die.so the people need to treat them better.we need to put them in a place we know they are safe and cared for.so we need to treat them how we want to be treated so we dont see animals on the streets. So let's not be jerks to the animals the chances are they didn't do anything to you and you just abuse and hurt them it makes no sense to hurt them. Next we need to stop this from happening anymore.

The pets around the world are getting abandoned or running away.So these few people i will talk about are all about to talk why it is very bad for the animals. The person that i read about first said that the animals are getting abandoned by bad owners and because the owner doesn't care about the pet or pets anymore so then they think of trying to get them out as fast as possible and put them on the street and leave them there to die and one example is " this person said you know what i'm sick and tired of seeing pets on the roads all alone" this is important because  it made the people mad so they spoke and got the word out and the people did everything in their power to stop what is happening.

then the second person i'm going to talk about she thinks that animals should have equal rights as people so you don't see us getting thrown on the streets to die so let's not ever do that to animals treat them how you want to be treated. We want the people to stop abusing animals so we need to be more respectful to the animals we need to not abuse them anymore. She is someone who said that she "doesn't want to have animals abused it is not fair to the animals" this is important because it is helping the animal abuse problem around the world.

The third and final person talked about how they had to put a lot of work into the shelter or place that they are building on or fixing a old shelter. That they built or that was already there so they spent a lot of money and time so they sometimes can not afford to put up a building of refurbish  a old building to bring it back to business again so then they put up a fund raiser for money."they also said that this is not just in one place we need to spread this around the world to stop what is happening".this is important because it is helping raise awareness so that they can get the money to build new shelters so the animals can have a good home.

 So in conclusion animal abuse is very bad for animals. So we need to treat the animals the way we want to be treated so we can't just throw them on the streets or leave them there because we can't take care of them anymore we need to put them in a place that will take good care of them. We need to stop the abuse there is no need to hurt animals or they did nothing wrong. We really need to confront the people who are hurting these poor animals who just want love.so lets stop the hate to animals so it needs yo stop the hurt on the animals so lets stop these horible people when there is no need.

Environmental By: Zach

               By:Zachary Hansen
             All of the activist want to make a difference and help out the environment. They do this by putting in a lot of effort and spending a lot of time in their work. They do this by meeting and sharing ideas. By working with schools and making nesting grounds for osprey and other endangered birds. And lastly by travelling around the country in a band to motivate kids teens and adults to help fight climate change.

            The first  way these activist protect the environment and help fight climate change. Is going to be about what Clay Mullen dose to protect the environment. He has pushed for Ohio laws to help protect the environment this means that Clay Mullen puts a lot of effort and care for his work to protect the environment. He made projects to build nesting grounds for osprey and other endangered birds. For example Clay said, “Whatever amount of work I have to do it’s completely worth it”. So this shows that Clay Mullen really cares about his work and helping and protecting the environment. He also spends a lot of time on his work. Clay spent two-thousand hours on environmental causes since seventh grade. That is really impressive because that means he really does care about all of work such as building nesting grounds for osprey and other endangered birds.

             The second way these activist protect the environment and help fight climate change. Is for instance going to be about young people having the ability to make a change is by being a activist in the community. For example it saze,”to inspire and motivate young people, to rally their peers and hometown communities to fight climate change.”
So this shows that the In conventional youth is just a group of teens dedicated to raising awareness to global warming. So they are helping out and fighting climate change and global warming.

             The last why these activist protect the environment and help fight climate change.Is for instance a group of people wanting to protect the environment., “Everywhere you turn there is a great story about a teen leading her family, school or community towards environmental and social awareness. Lorean Dangerfield organised with people to win environmental rights. Last week at the 2010 U.S. social forum 20,000 activist met in Detroit Michigan. For example they,”Networked and share their visions of social change.”, “There were attendees and presenters who spanned of all ages and groups but many folks were stuck by just how many young people came out to pursue the environment and social justice issues. So this shows that a lot of activist are meeting to discuss problems and help fight climate change. So there still are all kinds of activist ready to fight climate change.

               So in conclusion all of the activist that I have talked such as Clay Mullen or Brian Merchant all share something in common and that is making a difference in the world. They do this by meeting and sharing ideas. Working with schools and making nesting grounds for osprey and other endangered birds. And lastly by travelling around the country in a band to motivate kids and people to fight climate change.

Environmental essay By: Alexander Sharron

                            Environmental essay
                                                By: Alexander Sharron

    Emily,Daniel,Caralena,Creg and Benjamin all want to help clean up Santa Monica,California to make it clean and save animal lives. They are in a team that cleans up the city. Benjamin is the team leader that use to be a highschool teacher. They are mainly focused on plastic bags.
     In one day they picked up 5 pounds of plastic on a beach. Benjamin said,” Over the course of a year 100,000 animals died of plastic bags.” This is bad because the environment is being harmed by us and we don't want that.
    They spend hours and hours a day cleaning the roads,beaches, and drain pipes. Benjamin also said,” There are 6 million plastic bags made in santa monica every year.” Most of those bags end up in the ocean from drain pipes and other things. When the bags end up in the ocean the ocean animals get sick by eating them or choking on them and die.

 The team said,” 4 of the 6 million plastic bags animals eat because they think it’s food.” That is treacherous because those animals will eventually die because they either suffocate or they don't digest them and get sick.

     They are saving animals lives and cleaning up  plastic bags in Santa Monica to make the environment better.


Abandon animals

Animals all over the world are being abandon everywere Africa,Asia,the USA over 60,000 animals are being abandon.

Animals all over the world have no home until Faye Carey came along. “Teen agers are all out doing there nails and lisening to the latest music (marbeck).”This is important because Faye is not like other teens she is nice and not a brat like other teens. Faye loves working at animal shelters.

Animals all over the world need a safe and loveing home.One way is “ all of our animals have a safe home and a loveing family”(marbeck). All animals need a home which is amazing and Faye is so nice.

Some animals are more abandon when a hurrican comes along “more than 60,000 animals are abandon after a hurrican.”(marbeck) Most animals are abandon after hurricans but animal shelters come and help but some animals die.

Animals are being abandon everywere animasl if they are young and family pets they need a home. Animals are being abandon every were over 60,000 animals are abandon.

Michaela's Writting

Abandoning Animals

       Some of the obstacles that child activists have to face is seeing hurt dogs, having to put down other people’s pets. Also having that pressure on you to have an try to save pets lives. The solution to these problems is too put out advertisements in the roads and in parks to try and sell all the loving animals that deserve a home. So when you see animals on the road stop and try to find help don’t just drive by, because if that was you wouldn’t want people to just drive by and leave right?

     An example, of problems with the animal shelters is they don’t  have enough medicine and food. For instance, some animals don’t have a leg and need the right needles and injections to get better. Shelters are also having problems with food too because there are a lot of animals coming in and not enough food to help the animal out. A solution to this problem is to send the animals across the country where  they may be more medicine to help the animals stay alive. This also helps the pets get the care they need. In the article they said,“ We speak up for our hurting animals that need homes.” Gary Weitzman is a man who owns a shelter down south and he will do anything for the animals that come into his shelter.

      Another thing, that animal shelters are having problems with is a major over population of sick or hurt animals coming in a week. It is very hard and sad for the workers to have animals coming in because, yes it is always heartbroken to see an animal without a leg or a home. It is also hard on the workers because it is more animals to have to look after everyday and to love and care. The solution to this problem is to make advertisements and host fairs to help with the animals adoption. In this article the people that work here think very highly of their animals,”We try our best every day to try and expand the shelter so we can handle more animals as they come in.” Teen star making a difference is a great group of kids that are local and really agree and want to help all animals in need.

      Lastly, and sadly animals are dying in shelters. Animals are dying in because they are heartbroken and are either dying of old age or brokenhearted for not having any homes or loving family’s. Some animals are strongly emotionally about living in a cage for almost over a year, depending on where the shelter is not a lot of food or medicine that they need to survive for that long. And some animals get shipped across the country and have to go on water sometimes,and that can also leave a little bit of a brokenheart, or can get sick from constanley moving and swaying in a boat a lot.One of the soultions to this problem is, “Some of our workers are taking the animals home to there own loving family so they have a home.” Leslie Sullivan is a hard worker that has almost 3-4 pets at home that she just bought home from her shelter that she owns.

     In conclusion, all in all this issue is important because, all of these helpers have to face horrible things everyday while they work, between not having enough medicine and food to help the animals live. Having a major overpopulation of animals a day, and having to see animals die in shelters almost everyday. There are good sides too because you get to see some dogs/animals go home with a loving adoptive family.

Ellie's Writing

   Abandoning Animals

   Abandoning and forgetting about animals is very bad. No dog should be treated like a nothing. If you want a pet you have to take responsibilities and take care of the animal. Animals help with anything. They don't judge you. They might not be able to speak or give you advice but they let you know they care in some way. Hurricanes and floods take a big role in devastating the animal shelters.

   Abandoning pets is not a good thing. Animals lives should be full of attention and love. Animals that are abandoned can die of hunger or dehydration. In an article about a young boy who is trying to save cats and dogs says,” abandoning an animal is contributing to the situation.” (Gary Weitzman). This is important because no dog should have to deal with loneliness and hunger. People are trying to solve abandoned animals and people are giving into the issue.

    Also, animals help people through a lot. They give out love like no other people can. Animals especially like cats and dogs, know how people feel. They give off a vibe that can make any person smile in no time. In the article about relationships with dogs it says,” Animals provide us with unconditional love.” (Gary Weitzman). In other words, animals help with our problems. They don't or can't judge us. Animals are smart enough to know when something is wrong.

    Lastly, during hurricanes and floods a lot of animals are hurt or/and abandoned because of the weather conditions. In an article about what weather is doing to animals says,” during recessions and natural disasters animal shelters get overwhelmed with animals.” (Leslie Sullivan). Furthermore, so many animals are getting hurt or abandoned during crucial weather. Shelters are getting overwhelmed with hungry ,hurt animals.

   In conclusion, people need to step up and help abandoned animals. Any animals live is just as precious as our own. Nobody should be able to dump a furry or feathered friend. Abandoning animals is not only a cruel thing to do but in many states a crime. You wouldn't like it if you were Just a furry precious animal. Dumped on the road because somebody didn't want you. Help the situation of abandoned animals, don't cause it.



Child labor By:Gabe



                    Child labor

               Child labor is an issue because it doesn't let kids have a life. It doesn’t let kids ever see their parents again. Kids deserve to be able to go to school and not “work 12 hours a day”.

               Child labor is an issue because when kids wake up in the morning they don’t want to work for 12 hours straight without pay. They want to play outside and go to school for a job to afford college. But many kids can't do this because they forced to work “up to 16 hours a day”. This is one of the many reasons why child labor should stop.

               Most of the time kids can’t see their parents because of child labor. This happens when parent don’t have enough money for food so they sell their kid(s) away for money. For an example Iqbal Mastit got sold away from his parents when he was 10 years old for only a 12$ dept. Parents shouldn’t do that to their own kids.

               Kids work up to 16 hours a day without pay or breaks. Since kids are doing all this work without pay they won’t get money to pay for college. If they can’t go to college for a job without a job you’ll get no money no money no food no food they’ll die. This tells you that child labor can kill kids.

               In conclusion, this is why child labor is an issue because it makes kid have a horrible life. It never lets the kids see their parents again. And it can kill a lot of kids. That is how terrible child labor is.


Evironmental Essay - Aidan D

The problem I noticed was e-waste. The solution to this problem is learning how to properly dispose of e-waste. In Alex Lin’s town only twelve percent of residents knew how to properly dispose of e-waste. When people throw away or burn e-waste the chemicals can go into the ground and damage crops that farmers grew. Alex Lin believes that education of e-waste disposal is important to keeping a clean environment. If everyone learns how to properly dispose of e-waste problem would be gone.

 First,in Alex Lin’s town only twelve percent of residents knew how to dispose of e-waste properly. For example,Alex Lin said,“When my team and I first surveyed our town,only twelve percent of the residents knew how to properly dispose of e-waste.(Cardoni)” This is important because when Alex and his team surveyed their town,only twelve percent how to properly dispose of e-waste,which is really small.

  Second,when people throw away or burn e-waste it can go into the ground and damage crops that farmers grew. Another example is,“When improperly disposed of - i.e. dumping,burning,throwing,etc. - these chemicals can seep into the ground and hurt humans,plants or crops, and ecosystems. (Cardoni)” This is important because when someone burns or throws away e-waste the chemicals can seep into the ground. This means that the surrounding environment would be hurt like humans,plants or crops,and ecosystems.

  Lastly,Alex Lin believes that education of e-waste disposal is important to keeping a clean environment. One example is,“If we start to teach everybody how to dispose of e-waste properly,e-waste may not be the fastest growing section of the U.S. trash stream. (Cardoni)” This is important because Alex Lin wants to prevent e-waste seeping into the ground harming humans,crops,and plants.

  E-waste may become a big problem over time,but if we educate everyone about how to dispose of e-waste properly this waste may not be a big problem. Alex Lin can teach his town how to dispose of e-waste properly so 100% of residents can know how not just 12%. If people stop burning and throwing e-waste the chemicals won't seep into the ground and harm people,crops or plants, and ecosystem. This shows that e-waste has a negative impact on the environment which is the solution to this e-waste problem.

Abandoning pets. By Emily


Abandoning pets.
                             Animals are being abused and they are in a lot of pain and it is not good. Animals should not have to go through this .If you want a pet take care of it.There are many different things that will harm dogs if they do not have a home or were abused in anyway.Dogs are hopeless without us.It means that the are just sad and dont really know what to do anymore.

        Also Abandoning animals are not good.Our world have a lot of nice and not so nice people in it.There is a girl who wants to save animals and want to take care of them.She made a group to help stop abusing and leaving dogs suffering.Her name is  Lestlie Sulivan who said,”She wanted to make a group to help them bring animals to a safe place and make them have the life that they should have.”

              Next hurricanes and floods are a big problem and they make dogs hurt and even more sad. Hurricanes and floods make the weather really cold outside which means that dogs could die from being in the cold so long,and also it could mean that they can not really walk if they are cold and if they have been walking for a while.The same thing goes for other animals like cats which can have the same thing happen like dogs.Sometimes trees fall down during it if it is a really bad storm and it could scare the dog. They said,”Hurricanes and floods displace countless animals who become orphaned or in need of care.”

Now there are a lot of people who are making the world a better place and who are helping animals around the world.These people are helping each other and getting the people in their home towns and working together to help take care of the animals and have them have a home like the deserve.

In conclusion lot of animals were being abused and there were the reasons that some are and how the outdoors are hurting and maybe killing them.And how just one person can make the world a better place by doing or making something happy,and to make the problem not happen.Are you going to help and not abuse your animals?

Environmental Issues By Shane M

The cause  of the environmental issues are that people are throwing away useful computers and not recycling correctly and that people are not using e waste.  The cause of e waste is that people are not recycling old computers correctly and ewaste stops people from throwing computers away. Alex Lin helped stop people from throwing away old computers and that he helped stop people from not recycling in general. This evedance shows that people helped with e waste and eventually people will stop throwing away old computers and helping the ecosystem by not sending bad chemicals into the air.

              The reason why we have a harmed ecosystem is because people are not recycling correctly and when they should be. The evidence for this is that people are not recycling and more people are trying to help. The reason why this evidence is important is because people throw away bad chemicals and don't recycle certain items that they should be.

The reason why e waste was created was because people were not recycling correctly and people just threw away chemicals like bleach and the evidence for this and that alex lin stopped people from throwing away chemicals when and also he had other activist help him.
  The effect then of all of the people recycling is that more and more people are helping activist help the community. People helped to keep the community clean by recycling correctly and helping other activist. This is shown by there being more and more activist are helping the community.

My conclusion is that people did not recycle correctly so then Alex Lin started e waste and he had a hard time getting the word out so he told other activist and they started to recycle correctly and then that caused people to recycle chemicals.

Your First Blog Post

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3. Go back  your essay, see the feed back and respond by acknowledging the praise, answering the persons press, and seeing if you can use their suggestions for polish in your work. Please do this is an comment back to them.

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