Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Alex's writing

                 Informational writing    
               By: Alexander Sharron
   A bee is a wonderful animal because they pollinate all flowering plants. This is important because if bees didn’t pollinate flowers then humans lose the ability to harvest the food that the plants would provide. Pollinators are important to farmers and people who grow the food because if pollinators don’t assist the, then the farmers will not be able to collect fruits or vegetables from their gardens. We harvest pollinated plants for their fruit and of other nutrients that they could provide. The food taken from the plants and that is what makes up ⅓ of the world's food supply.
The first example of why pollinators are dying is because of pesticides that people are spraying on crops and flowers. One example includes, “More than 75 million lbs of herbicides are used on U.S. farms each year.” (PAN). When the bees go to pollinate the flower or crop they accidently pick up the pesticides on their feet and head when they land to collect the nectar from flowers that are exposed to herbicides. Over time this exposure kills them. If that infected bee returns to the colony,  it can also kill of an entire colony of bees. This is because the infected bee drops the infected pollen and nectar off at the hive and when other bees are exposed, they also become infected.
         Another example of why pollinators are important is they go from flower to flower pollinating them and collecting nectar. When they do the flower drops fruit with seeds in it which makes other flowers grow. One example is,“Fully ⅓ of the food we eat depends on bees for pollination.” (PAN). When the bees go to collect the nectar they pick up pollen and bring it to the next flower. The pollen falls off into the flower, makes a seed then a fruit.
        If the bees population dies out than ⅓ of ALL our food will disappear from all grocery stores worldwide. One example is, “To save Earth's food supply, we need to first save Pollinators.” (Newsela staff). People need health food but if Pollinators die out then there will be no health food for us. Then the health problems happen,then we eventually die from them.we need bees for healthy food.
    To help solve this problem people are starting to help bees by protecting land for bees to thrive and survive. An example is, “ The government will help protect 7 million acres of land across the country.”(Newsela staff). If we give the bees protected homes from pesticides then the bee population will most likely go up.
       At MMS we are planting flowers for butterflies and bees to pollinate. If we plant flowers for bees then they will probably pollinate our garden too. Then we both get what we want, the bee gets nectar without pesticides and we get food from the garden. The food we get will be healthy and fresh for us to eat.
       In conclusion, with the wonderful pollination of bees,we have flowers and food. Bees help us with food but they’re dying because of our pesticides. We need to help save the bees from dying. We can do this by planting flowers or leavening a dead tree in our yard. Farmers can use a less deadly pesticide on their crops so the bees can live.


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