Tuesday, April 26, 2016


Abandon animals

Animals all over the world are being abandon everywere Africa,Asia,the USA over 60,000 animals are being abandon.

Animals all over the world have no home until Faye Carey came along. “Teen agers are all out doing there nails and lisening to the latest music (marbeck).”This is important because Faye is not like other teens she is nice and not a brat like other teens. Faye loves working at animal shelters.

Animals all over the world need a safe and loveing home.One way is “ all of our animals have a safe home and a loveing family”(marbeck). All animals need a home which is amazing and Faye is so nice.

Some animals are more abandon when a hurrican comes along “more than 60,000 animals are abandon after a hurrican.”(marbeck) Most animals are abandon after hurricans but animal shelters come and help but some animals die.

Animals are being abandon everywere animasl if they are young and family pets they need a home. Animals are being abandon every were over 60,000 animals are abandon.

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