Tuesday, May 17, 2016


                Emily smith

    Pollinators are disappearing and the are starting to die,you might not know this but they are really helpful for a lot of reasons.One reason is the they help us pollinate ⅓ of our food crops.

                Now people are finding the reasons why the are dying and the reasons for that is because people will find                     nest of bees and they get scared that the are going to come out and stung them.They don't want to sting you because when they sting you they just die and the just want to go to the flowers and get nectar and the pollen from the flowers.People think the are going to harm you.They don't they actually do a lot to help us.Here are some of the things they help us do,They help us from most of our fruits and veggies.They help us make honey.

            Now they are dying way more.Walmart and all the stores like those are selling and are spraying pesticides down to kill bees.What they don't know is we need those in life if we did not have them in life we would not be able to eat fruits and healthy food and we would have to eat junk food like chips,popcorn,candy and more unheathy food.They are also dying off because of a big issue which is habitat loss.What people are starting to do is that the are making habitats for all the animals that help us pollinate.If they were all gone then we would half to hand pollinate our own food and the that would take more time until the end up going into the stores.

                 Next here are a few reasons why the are important to our world.Here are some reasons why they are important is because we would have to self pollinate if we did not have them we would have to self pollinate.Here is another reason why the are helpful,when the gather a bunch of pollen they will get it in their body and then they will bring it to another flower which when the do that they are doing a lot to help people.They are really important.They might also go instinked ,There are over 20,000. species of bees and if they all die then that will not be good at all.

If we lost all of our pollinators the biggest consequence would be that we are going to self pollinate which will be hard.Another one is that if we lost all of the bees then all of the flowers would have a lot of nectar and pollen building up in it and it will never come out because that is the bee’s  job.If we went to the store and there was no food because there were no bees or anything that could pollinate.Then it would take like a month or so to get all of our food self pollinated and into the stores.

In conclusion we need to stop spraying and killing our pollinators.Those we some reasons why we need to stop hurting them and also what our consequences.Have you been doing what you should be doing.We don't want them to die so don't harm our bees and all of our Pollinators. Remember they don't want to hurt you they just try to get to flowers and live their lives like us humans.Are you harming animals think about it.

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