Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Abandoning pets. By Emily


Abandoning pets.
                             Animals are being abused and they are in a lot of pain and it is not good. Animals should not have to go through this .If you want a pet take care of it.There are many different things that will harm dogs if they do not have a home or were abused in anyway.Dogs are hopeless without us.It means that the are just sad and dont really know what to do anymore.

        Also Abandoning animals are not good.Our world have a lot of nice and not so nice people in it.There is a girl who wants to save animals and want to take care of them.She made a group to help stop abusing and leaving dogs suffering.Her name is  Lestlie Sulivan who said,”She wanted to make a group to help them bring animals to a safe place and make them have the life that they should have.”

              Next hurricanes and floods are a big problem and they make dogs hurt and even more sad. Hurricanes and floods make the weather really cold outside which means that dogs could die from being in the cold so long,and also it could mean that they can not really walk if they are cold and if they have been walking for a while.The same thing goes for other animals like cats which can have the same thing happen like dogs.Sometimes trees fall down during it if it is a really bad storm and it could scare the dog. They said,”Hurricanes and floods displace countless animals who become orphaned or in need of care.”

Now there are a lot of people who are making the world a better place and who are helping animals around the world.These people are helping each other and getting the people in their home towns and working together to help take care of the animals and have them have a home like the deserve.

In conclusion lot of animals were being abused and there were the reasons that some are and how the outdoors are hurting and maybe killing them.And how just one person can make the world a better place by doing or making something happy,and to make the problem not happen.Are you going to help and not abuse your animals?

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