Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Environmental essay By: Alexander Sharron

                            Environmental essay
                                                By: Alexander Sharron

    Emily,Daniel,Caralena,Creg and Benjamin all want to help clean up Santa Monica,California to make it clean and save animal lives. They are in a team that cleans up the city. Benjamin is the team leader that use to be a highschool teacher. They are mainly focused on plastic bags.
     In one day they picked up 5 pounds of plastic on a beach. Benjamin said,” Over the course of a year 100,000 animals died of plastic bags.” This is bad because the environment is being harmed by us and we don't want that.
    They spend hours and hours a day cleaning the roads,beaches, and drain pipes. Benjamin also said,” There are 6 million plastic bags made in santa monica every year.” Most of those bags end up in the ocean from drain pipes and other things. When the bags end up in the ocean the ocean animals get sick by eating them or choking on them and die.

 The team said,” 4 of the 6 million plastic bags animals eat because they think it’s food.” That is treacherous because those animals will eventually die because they either suffocate or they don't digest them and get sick.

     They are saving animals lives and cleaning up  plastic bags in Santa Monica to make the environment better.

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