Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Zachary's Pollinator Essay

    By:Zachary Hansen

            Pollinators are dying because of the use of pesticides. We need to fix this by convincing retailers and big cooperated stores to stop spraying pesticides all over the flowers. Then the bees will fly to those stores and try to get the pollen but then once the pesticides are in them it will start to affect their body then once it is fully in them they will not remember where and how to get back to the hive. So we need to stop spraying bad chemicals and pesticides on all of our plants and flowers that stores have. Such as Home Depot, Lowes and Walmart and need to start using organic fertilizers and substances.

          Pollinators are dying because of the use of pesticides. When the bees take in the pesticide called neonicotoid it makes the bees hard to fly and find their way back to the hive. Evidence includes, “We know how to live In harmony with the ecosystem through the adoption of sustainable practices that simply do not allow toxic pesticide use.,” So this shows that we need to be activist and save the bees.

          The importance of pollinators includes the fact that they can save a lot of time and money for humans.,”20,000 species of pollinators are key to hundreds of billions of dollars.,” So if we lost pollinators we would be in a deep hole because we would have way less food in stock prices will run up and the food chain just wouldn't make sence. Evidence shows, “Because our survival depends on healthy pollinators, we must do everything in our power to solve this problem.,” This shows that we really need to put in some brain power and hard work to fix this problem. Because if we don't fix it we will have not as much food and prices will go up and more people will be poor with not as much food.

          If we lost pollinators ⅓ of our food population would be gone and if we lost pollinators it would be humans fault because of the use of pesticides that we spray. Crops would be way down because the pollination would not be going around as much. If we lost pollinators. Evidence shows, “Hundreds of years now we have been working together with bees so let’s just do the bees a favor and stop using pesticides on all crops and wildflowers. So this shows that we can save the pollinators and work together and make a difference in the world and to help save the pollinators.

         The soulution to fix this problem is going to be. If you are in a city and have no room on the ground to plant wildflowers so be it plant them on your roof. Do urban beekeeping. This is when you plant flowers on your roof and they pollinate those then they would pollinate everybody’s crops and then they would pollinate all the other crops that we have. So urban beekeeping is one option to save pollinators. Another option is to stop spraying weed killer on your front yard did you know that chemicals just don’t kill weeds it kills all of the wild flowers to. So stop using pesticides and start using organic fertilizers and substainces. Evidence shows, “Urban beekeeping is an option for saving the bees on rooftops in cities. So this shows that there are many ways that everybody can help save the pollinators.

      Students are being activist at MMS by planting wild flowers and milk weed beds for the Monarch Butterflies and the Honey Bees. we are also spraying organic fertilizers on our flowers and crops to. This shows that we are being productive at being activist at MMS. Because we saw an issue and there has been a steep decline in honey bee population over many years. So this is why here at MMS we are being activist to fix the pollinator problem.


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