Tuesday, May 17, 2016


Bees are dying because people are spraying pesticides and chemicals and people are also building buildings and the bees are losing their habitat. This essay is going to be about pollination and how bees help grow our food. Bees help grow up to ⅓ of our food by pollination and people are killing the bees.

      Pollinators are dying because of pesticides and chemicals my evedance for this is that people and companies are spraying pesticides on their crops and to kill bugs. My second reason is that China spraied pesticides on their crops to get rid of the verolla motes

      The importance of pollination is that it helps our food grow and that people don't have to do it by hand the second thing is that people want fully grown food and the final thing is that my evedance for this is that the person in the Ted talks video he said that people want pollonators more than they want to do it by hand.

      My conclusion is that people want to have pollonators to grow their food and that people want healthy food in their homes and people also want to not do it by hand. The second reason is that people want to help save the bee population and that the want to help with pollination

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  1. Try to add a lot more sentences in each paragraph.