Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Environmental Issues By Shane M

The cause  of the environmental issues are that people are throwing away useful computers and not recycling correctly and that people are not using e waste.  The cause of e waste is that people are not recycling old computers correctly and ewaste stops people from throwing computers away. Alex Lin helped stop people from throwing away old computers and that he helped stop people from not recycling in general. This evedance shows that people helped with e waste and eventually people will stop throwing away old computers and helping the ecosystem by not sending bad chemicals into the air.

              The reason why we have a harmed ecosystem is because people are not recycling correctly and when they should be. The evidence for this is that people are not recycling and more people are trying to help. The reason why this evidence is important is because people throw away bad chemicals and don't recycle certain items that they should be.

The reason why e waste was created was because people were not recycling correctly and people just threw away chemicals like bleach and the evidence for this and that alex lin stopped people from throwing away chemicals when and also he had other activist help him.
  The effect then of all of the people recycling is that more and more people are helping activist help the community. People helped to keep the community clean by recycling correctly and helping other activist. This is shown by there being more and more activist are helping the community.

My conclusion is that people did not recycle correctly so then Alex Lin started e waste and he had a hard time getting the word out so he told other activist and they started to recycle correctly and then that caused people to recycle chemicals.

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  1. Your thesis was very clear. When did people start using e-waste? You could work on spelling and grammar.