Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Ellie's Writing

   Abandoning Animals

   Abandoning and forgetting about animals is very bad. No dog should be treated like a nothing. If you want a pet you have to take responsibilities and take care of the animal. Animals help with anything. They don't judge you. They might not be able to speak or give you advice but they let you know they care in some way. Hurricanes and floods take a big role in devastating the animal shelters.

   Abandoning pets is not a good thing. Animals lives should be full of attention and love. Animals that are abandoned can die of hunger or dehydration. In an article about a young boy who is trying to save cats and dogs says,” abandoning an animal is contributing to the situation.” (Gary Weitzman). This is important because no dog should have to deal with loneliness and hunger. People are trying to solve abandoned animals and people are giving into the issue.

    Also, animals help people through a lot. They give out love like no other people can. Animals especially like cats and dogs, know how people feel. They give off a vibe that can make any person smile in no time. In the article about relationships with dogs it says,” Animals provide us with unconditional love.” (Gary Weitzman). In other words, animals help with our problems. They don't or can't judge us. Animals are smart enough to know when something is wrong.

    Lastly, during hurricanes and floods a lot of animals are hurt or/and abandoned because of the weather conditions. In an article about what weather is doing to animals says,” during recessions and natural disasters animal shelters get overwhelmed with animals.” (Leslie Sullivan). Furthermore, so many animals are getting hurt or abandoned during crucial weather. Shelters are getting overwhelmed with hungry ,hurt animals.

   In conclusion, people need to step up and help abandoned animals. Any animals live is just as precious as our own. Nobody should be able to dump a furry or feathered friend. Abandoning animals is not only a cruel thing to do but in many states a crime. You wouldn't like it if you were Just a furry precious animal. Dumped on the road because somebody didn't want you. Help the situation of abandoned animals, don't cause it.



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  1. Much better than I could ever do but why did you mention hurricanes and floods then finish talking about it in the second to last paragraph. You should try to fix that in some way.