Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Ellie's pollinators

   Pollinators are very important to our world, pollinators pollinate ⅓ of our crops that people eat. If we didn't have pollinators the work might get done successfully but it would take time and effort. Pollinators don't only pollinate flowers and plants but they pollinate crops such as, cranberries, peaches, tomatoes, Cherries. There are more than 4,000 species of bees. Bees pollinate 75% of our crops. In some way bugs are very helpful. Only a few insect species are harmful there more bugs kill other bugs is less we will have to use pesticides. Also, as all these bugs munch away they produce little droppings and soon those droppings will be rich fertilizer.  (What good are bugs?, Gerry Shop and David Shelton)

    Pollinators are dying due to a variety of reasons. One is even pesticides, that you might be using on your plants.” Pesticides are one of the many anthropogenic insults threatening pollinators.” In other words, pesticides are one of the causes of pollinators dying and disappearing. Every year over 2,000 bees are dying. That is a lot of bees also known as pollinators. Not only bees are dying, in 2006 the first cave floors were found covered with dead bats in northeast. In other words, bats are also dying which are pollinators.

    Also, pollinators are very important. Pollinators make up ⅓ of our food system.”Pollinators pollinate tomatoes and other crops such as blueberries,cranberries and eggplant.” In other words, this is saying that pollinators pollinate a lot of fruits a vegetables. If pollinators didn't exist we wouldn't have fresh ripe tomatoes and much more. As you might know, pollinators don't only pollinate food,they also pollinate different plants and flowers.

Not only that but, people are helping address this Issue by building shrubs and bushes around their house. Not only that but people are also building beehives on the top of buildings. In New York to help repopulate the bees.”Leaves and shrubs, branches and flowers serve as substrates for butterfly eggs.” This will help all the pollinators because they love shrubs and leaves that's mostly where they construct their beehives.

   Then, We can speak out against pesticide use. People should try to be more careful of what we use on our weeds. All of these pesticides lead to a big consequences. Such as, birth defects,illnesses and even death. Monsanto is hurting our lives. They are not careful of what they use. In the article it says,”We're making flowers ends to attract more pollinators.” This means that we are making great big flat beds to attract all the bees. We are looking at different flowers to see what ones will the bees and other pollinators like best.
 There are consequences for losing pollinators. It includes self and hand pollinating. In the article it says,“The 20,000 or so species of pollinators are key to hundreds of billions of dollars worth of of crops each year.” So, this is saying self pollinating is not our only consequence. We are going to lose a substantial amount of money if we lose pollinators. Meaning, our crops are worth a lot but if we don't have pollinators to help us out then there will not be a great amount of crops to sell. Which will mean there will be a cut in money in our community.

     In conclusion, Pollinators are very important to our world, pollinators pollinate ⅓ of our crops that people eat. If we didn't have pollinators the work might get done successfully but it would take time and effort. Everybody should know how important pollinators are in our world. My concern is, pollinators such as bees are going to go extinct and it will change our whole environment.We could potentially lose money and crops. ⅓ of our crops live on the pollination of pollinators. That can't happen if pollinators are extinct. Massabesic Middle School is providing flat beds to attract pollinators. We are also putting on a zero waste program which helps us make our own composed right here on our campus. In other words, make sure we are all very wise about what we use. We can't stop using pesticides because we need them. We can all work together and find different ways to make our lives and crops healthier.



  1. You did good on your writing

  2. One thing that I would do is in your first paragraph you listed the foods and maybe it would look and sound a little better if you put AND cherries! Other than that I really like your wording and your layout! Really good job!!

  3. Your paragraphs are nice and big with LOTS of facts in them. In your first paragraph you said "pollinators pollinate 1/3 of our food source", yes that is correct but, you also said that in your 3rd paragraph. I like how you talk about us using a waste system program.

  4. Very nice job. I liked all of the facts that you added and the text evidence. Very good essay overall. Good job