Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Abandoned pets By: Alexi

                                                   Abandoned pets
My intro is about how animals get treated like dirt in some places they get thrown on the streets then they have to take care of themselves so they get left to die.so the people need to treat them better.we need to put them in a place we know they are safe and cared for.so we need to treat them how we want to be treated so we dont see animals on the streets. So let's not be jerks to the animals the chances are they didn't do anything to you and you just abuse and hurt them it makes no sense to hurt them. Next we need to stop this from happening anymore.

The pets around the world are getting abandoned or running away.So these few people i will talk about are all about to talk why it is very bad for the animals. The person that i read about first said that the animals are getting abandoned by bad owners and because the owner doesn't care about the pet or pets anymore so then they think of trying to get them out as fast as possible and put them on the street and leave them there to die and one example is " this person said you know what i'm sick and tired of seeing pets on the roads all alone" this is important because  it made the people mad so they spoke and got the word out and the people did everything in their power to stop what is happening.

then the second person i'm going to talk about she thinks that animals should have equal rights as people so you don't see us getting thrown on the streets to die so let's not ever do that to animals treat them how you want to be treated. We want the people to stop abusing animals so we need to be more respectful to the animals we need to not abuse them anymore. She is someone who said that she "doesn't want to have animals abused it is not fair to the animals" this is important because it is helping the animal abuse problem around the world.

The third and final person talked about how they had to put a lot of work into the shelter or place that they are building on or fixing a old shelter. That they built or that was already there so they spent a lot of money and time so they sometimes can not afford to put up a building of refurbish  a old building to bring it back to business again so then they put up a fund raiser for money."they also said that this is not just in one place we need to spread this around the world to stop what is happening".this is important because it is helping raise awareness so that they can get the money to build new shelters so the animals can have a good home.

 So in conclusion animal abuse is very bad for animals. So we need to treat the animals the way we want to be treated so we can't just throw them on the streets or leave them there because we can't take care of them anymore we need to put them in a place that will take good care of them. We need to stop the abuse there is no need to hurt animals or they did nothing wrong. We really need to confront the people who are hurting these poor animals who just want love.so lets stop the hate to animals so it needs yo stop the hurt on the animals so lets stop these horible people when there is no need.

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