Tuesday, May 17, 2016


                        Pollinator Die Off
                                                          By.Daniel Belanger

       Bees are important because they pollinate plants and crops but they are dying off. If all the bees die off we will have to pollinate by hand.

       Bees are dying, this is because of pesticides. The chemicals in pesticides make the bees die or not able to find there way home. Evidence of this is “every polling that bees grab has at least 6 pesticides.” This is important because when the bee brings it back to the hive then all the bees get sick and die. This is because the pesticides are meant to kill things that eats them so when bees take the pollen they take the pesticides are in the polling. So next time you want to use pesticides on your plants think of the bees, use organic pesticides.

      The bees pollinate to get food for themselves, but they don't know that they are also pollinating at the same time. They shake their wings which shakes the pollen off of them from underneath their  bodies  and lands on other flower and plants they land on. Some evidence of this is “bumble bees shake their wings and knocks off the pollen off the flower.” This is important because if they did not do we would most likely to have less plants. So we would have to pollinate by hand so we can have food, and it would be a lot harder and longer to do.

     We would have less food if the bees die off. We would have to pollinate by hand it will take longer and it would cost more. It would cost more because the companies who sell fruits or vegetables would have to hire more people to pollinate by hands. If they don’t hire more people to pollinate by hand we would have a lot less food. See it is a loss, loss because we would have less food, and companies will have to pay more money.

    These are the reasons why pollinators are important they pollinate plants, and if there were no bees there would be less food. Bees are dying or not able to find there way home. If bees die we would have to pollinate by hand. They pollinate plants and crops that helps them grow so we can eat. To stop this we need to warn companies who use Monsanto products. At Massabesic Middle School we are planting milkweed to increase the population of bees. The other thing we are doing at Massabesic is writing letters to companies that use Monsanto products.


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