Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Child labor

Child Labor

    Kids don’t go to school because they need to work, and they don’t get fed when they are hungry. Iqbal and Craig are examples of child actives against child slavery because they both speak out against this issue. Iqbal went thru it himself, but Craig read about it in the newspaper.

       Iqbal got sold to a carpet company when he was four by his father for twelve dollars. Evidence from the text is “A bounded worker who could never make enough money to buy his freedom. I got this on” This information is important because he can’t do what he wants he has to be at his station.

        When Iqbal was shot he was 12, Craig was also 12 at that time when he heard about it and he started Free the Children. Evidence for this is “I was also 12 years old at that point and so basically I looked at the difference and similarities.”

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