Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Girls Not Getting a Education By:Ryleigh Baker

        Girls Not Getting a Education
                                 By:Ryleigh Baker

       My topic is girls and women around the world need education and to have a voice. This is a problem because if women don't get the education they need they really can't have a life because they might not know how to do math to pay for their house or read to buy the things they need. Malala Yousafzai wants education for girls. Ana Waquatabu Liganisulu wants girls to speak for their village. Cheleste Dushime wants women to use opportunities that they have. Those are only a few teen activists who are fighting for girls and women's rights.
                  Malala Yousafzai is a teen activist who wants girls to get an education. One example is when Malala said“ The powerful nations are not those who have weapons,guns,and bombs. The powerful nations are those who have educated society and human morals, education for everyone and equal rights for both genders, male and female”.My quote supports the main idea  of my paragraph because Malala is saying education is more powerful than any weapon. Also, she is saying if the powerful nations educate society then they educate everyone.

           Next ,Ana Waquatabu Liganisulu is a teen activist who wants girls to be able to speak at her village meetings. One thing that Ana had said is “ In my community girls are seen as fragile and we do not have a say in village meetings. When we speak,we are growled at for speaking up, told to be a ‘girl’ and sit quietly and listen to our elders”. My evidence supports my main idea because Ana Waquatabu  Liganisulu wants girls in Fiji to be able to talk at their village meetings.

                     Cheleste Dushime is a teen activist who wants to give women opportunities that women have but don’t use. One example is when Cheleste said “There isn’t a lack of opportunities for women in Rwanda. There is a lack of Rwandan women to use these opportunities”.It is important to my main idea because it shows how there are opportunities for women, but the women in Rwanda don’t use those opportunities.
          Girls not getting an education is a big problem around the world . Malala wants girls to get an education so they can have a do more with their lives. Ana wants girls to be able to speak for the people in her village. Cheleste wants the women of Rwanda to use the opportunities that the government gives them.


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  1. I like how you said if girls dont get an education then they dont have a life

    You need to polish on making your paragraphs five sentances long

    Why is girls not getting an education such a big problem