Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Michaela's Pollinating writing!


    There are many causes about pollinator populations decreasing. Lots of pollinators are dying because of pesticides on plants and that's not good for the pollinators . That is bad  because people are getting less food. With all the pollinators we had before the population went down people would grow there food and were getting ⅓ of food when they grew their food almost everyday. Now people are not even reaching that in 2 weeks and that's a problem. There are a lot of people helping too, what people can do out there is so simple even kids are doing it.
   First, Pollinators are dying because of pesticides getting put in plants. For example, they are dying because a bunch of local people are putting pesticides in their plants and selling the plants to customers and people are buying the plants not knowing about the pesticides in them. And after they buy it people put it out on their deck and yard for the pollinators like butterflies,bees,hummingbirds and bats to pollinate the flowers on the plants,however when the pollinators go into the flower to pollinate the pesticides that are on the plants and as soon as the pollinators starts collecting the pollen and the pesticides get into the pollinators system and it almost instantly kills them. “ Pesticides are one of the many anthropogenic insults threatening pollinators.” (April 25th 2016). So please start paying more attention to what plants you are buying and where you put them to grow.

  Next, Why are pollinators so important? Pollinators are pretty scary to some people especially bees but what people don't know is that they make up ⅓ of our food system. Between growing fruits and vegetables and pollinating our crops. Also, “ Pollinators pollinate tomatoes, and other crops such as blueberries,cranberries, and eggplant.” (Fish and wildlife habitat,May 2005). So pollinators are all there to help us not scare you. When honey bees bump into people like you don’t be scared because they don't want to sting you they want to give you food and pollinate your crops not people. And help keep the population up because no one wants to start pollinating their own crops.

   Also, another reason why pollinators are dying is because of habitat loss. But on the good side lots of people are helping with this even kids. People are making flat beds and planting flowers in the school yards and are not putting pesticides in the plants/crops. By putting flat beds out it gives them, “ Leaves and branches, shrubs and flowers and soil serve as sub straights for butterflies.” (Learn Edwards,July 24th 2014). So knowing that all of these things are out and getting planted without the use of pesticides so that we can not just have food but we can start seeing that the pollinators have a place to live.

  In conclusion, pollinators are disappearing because of habitat loss, and pesticides in plants. The importance of pollinators Is that they make up ⅓ of our food system. And there are a lot of people trying to help with the pollinators population. Some things that we will be doing at MMS is planting seeds to grow flowers and we will not be putting pesticides in our plants. Why we are not doing that is because our plan is try and help the pollinators not work against them!



  1. Hey Michaela, You had a great thesis statement. The facts you included were really interesting and fun to read. You had some interesting things that made me want to keep reading. Why is it bad for pollinators?

  2. Ok thank you for your comment! I will fix it!