Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Michaela's Writting

Abandoning Animals

       Some of the obstacles that child activists have to face is seeing hurt dogs, having to put down other people’s pets. Also having that pressure on you to have an try to save pets lives. The solution to these problems is too put out advertisements in the roads and in parks to try and sell all the loving animals that deserve a home. So when you see animals on the road stop and try to find help don’t just drive by, because if that was you wouldn’t want people to just drive by and leave right?

     An example, of problems with the animal shelters is they don’t  have enough medicine and food. For instance, some animals don’t have a leg and need the right needles and injections to get better. Shelters are also having problems with food too because there are a lot of animals coming in and not enough food to help the animal out. A solution to this problem is to send the animals across the country where  they may be more medicine to help the animals stay alive. This also helps the pets get the care they need. In the article they said,“ We speak up for our hurting animals that need homes.” Gary Weitzman is a man who owns a shelter down south and he will do anything for the animals that come into his shelter.

      Another thing, that animal shelters are having problems with is a major over population of sick or hurt animals coming in a week. It is very hard and sad for the workers to have animals coming in because, yes it is always heartbroken to see an animal without a leg or a home. It is also hard on the workers because it is more animals to have to look after everyday and to love and care. The solution to this problem is to make advertisements and host fairs to help with the animals adoption. In this article the people that work here think very highly of their animals,”We try our best every day to try and expand the shelter so we can handle more animals as they come in.” Teen star making a difference is a great group of kids that are local and really agree and want to help all animals in need.

      Lastly, and sadly animals are dying in shelters. Animals are dying in because they are heartbroken and are either dying of old age or brokenhearted for not having any homes or loving family’s. Some animals are strongly emotionally about living in a cage for almost over a year, depending on where the shelter is not a lot of food or medicine that they need to survive for that long. And some animals get shipped across the country and have to go on water sometimes,and that can also leave a little bit of a brokenheart, or can get sick from constanley moving and swaying in a boat a lot.One of the soultions to this problem is, “Some of our workers are taking the animals home to there own loving family so they have a home.” Leslie Sullivan is a hard worker that has almost 3-4 pets at home that she just bought home from her shelter that she owns.

     In conclusion, all in all this issue is important because, all of these helpers have to face horrible things everyday while they work, between not having enough medicine and food to help the animals live. Having a major overpopulation of animals a day, and having to see animals die in shelters almost everyday. There are good sides too because you get to see some dogs/animals go home with a loving adoptive family.

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