Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Jon's writing


     We should care for the environment by keeping beaches clean and picking up plastic bags so animals don't get caught in them if you see cans or plastic bags you should pick them up and throw them away. An example from the text is if you see an animal caught in a plastic bag help it and bring it to a vet or back to the animal's habitat so it can be safe and rest for a while until it's back to full health.

      An example from the text is if you see a computer on the ground all alone pick it up and dispose of it properly so there is no e waste there. Keep cans and bottles in recycling bins and make sure you take care of paper so it doesn't end up on the streets so an animal doesn't eat it or get killed by it there because of that one person that threw the paper outside instead of in a trash can or recycling bin.

      Plastic bags are being dumped on the ground every year by people not thinking correctly. Every year 4 million plastic bags are dumped on the beach or on the street by people who are too lazy to get up and recycle them or throw them in the trash so they don't end up in the streets or in the water if people don't throw away trash properly animals will pay for and so they don't kill animals like whales turtles or even bird that are on the beach. In one day kids found eleven pounds of plastic bags on the beach.

    People are the reason that  animals are dying because they are eating and choking on plastic bags people leave on the beach plastic bags that get in the ocean cause animals to die every day by eating them or getting suffocated by them. An example from the text is whales turtles and birds are dying by humans being lazy and just leaving plastic bags on the ground instead of being recycled or put in the trash.

      These are the things we are doing to affect our environment and the humans and animals that live here. This is also how we can fix it and help every person and animal that is here so that they don't die and we don't die so we can keep living on this planet earth and have it clean and healthy. Which means we can be clean and healthy as well.

                                                                                     Source (Santa monica)
                                                                                    Written by Jonathan Daigle

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